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Yes we do everything in and around ICT industry, having said that Orbit group of companies have strength in Product marketing & manufacturing along with Network & Software Solution businesses worldwide.


Orbit Peripherals Pte Ld started its business in 1996 and oriented itself with the market by creating a network of likeminded business partners supported through branch and associate offices in different regions of Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Over 20 years of Experience we'll ensure you always get the best
Guidance, Products & Solution.

Automatic Fare Collection Systems

Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) is one of basic station equipment that consists of automatic gate machine, ticket vending machine and ticket checking machine.

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Solutions For Transit Authorities and Operators

Transit is experiencing a period of rapid change for passengers – from user experience to payment options to providers – as well as business models, competition and technology.

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AFC Solutions

ORBIT leads the way in transport ticketing, implementing and managing automated fare collection, payments, access and passenger information systems we are passionate about providing a better customer journey and continuously strive to be innovative leaders in the transportation industry.


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